In today’s high-tech world, the demand for reliable communications Is continually increasing. ARS offers a comprehensive suite of communication solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Voice and Data Systems, Fiber Optic Cabling, and Splicing

From a single outlet to a complete new Cat 6a installation, we have the capabilities and expertise to transmit your data both reliability and continuously.

Two Way Radio Equipment

We offer portable, mobile, analog, and digital radios. We represent Kenwood, Vertex, EF Johnson, and Motorola Business radios and accessories. We provide the parts and accessories for repeaters and base stations. In addition, we are an Authorized Motorola Repair and parts dealer, and we service most brands.

ARS also has a rental fleet of over 200 radios that includes an extensive inventory of a number of types of industry-leading devices to meet your needs. We offer monthly and weekly rental rates, as well as 24/7 customer service, staffing, and technical support.

Our rental radios can be used to communicate radio-to-radio or be programmed to match existing fleet and utilize base/repeater stations.

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